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Shopping Bag Carrier

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DIY Assistive Shopping Bag Carrier

--- DO IT YOURSELF ENTRY --------- PURPOSE: To create a do-it-yourself (DIY) assistive device for people with grasping or other upper extremity disabilities and older adults to use for carrying groceries into the home. Step 1: From the center of a plastic clothes hanger (where the hook is) measure 3 inches to each side and using a dremel or another cutting tool to cut the hanger on both sides. Step 2: Take a piece of Sugru (or another type of silicone rubber putty) about the size of one and a ha

Ez Carry

EZ Carry is a shopping bag handle or carrier designed for use by individuals with upper extremity disabilities or arthitis or for seniors. This handle has an ergonomic, contoured grip and supports up to 50 punds in plastic shopping bags.

Grocery Helper

Grocery Helper is a small, unobtrusive metal plate mounted to the back of a wheelchair. A swinging basket can be added and removed from the plate, providing the user with a place to put their groceries that can easily be swung to the back of their chair leaving them free to carry their children in their lap.?

Mabis DMI Three in One Folding Shopping Cart, Model 640-8211-2100

Mabis DMI Three in One Folding Shopping Cart designed for use by individuals with limited strength in their upper and lower extremities as a result of arthritis or shortness of breath.  It offers a shopping cart, folding chair and removable bag all in one. This cart can be used for outdoor events and its zippered storage area quickly converts to a removable backpack.

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