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Sexuality Education Program

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Head-To-Toe Software

The Head-to-Toe Software is a vocabulary and sexuality education program designed to teach body awareness for individuals with a cognitive or physical disability. This program is ideal for teaching basic anatomical vocabulary and features quiz sections for enhancing what is taught. The talking software is ideal for non readers and enhances the learning process. For students with a physical disability, the software is TouchWindow compatible. COMPAITBILITY: Apple. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: Apple IIe sy

Health, Growth And Development Cd And Lessonbook

Health, Growth and Development is a lesson program overviews personal hygiene, how the body changes during puberty, wellness, physiology, sexuality and good touch/bad touch. The set includes a CD and lesson book that utilizes simplified language for struggling readers. Additionally, the program features quizzes in multiple formats which are embedded throughout each lesson. The program can be used for one-on-one, small group or full classroom instruction settings.

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