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Voice Amplifier

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Clarity Phone (Models 1000, 2000, 3000 And 4000)

The Clarity Telephone is an amplifier telephone designed with adjustable frequency range for individuals with high frequency hearing loss. Set the control to the frequency that is easiest to hear and hard to hear voices come through loud and clear. There are four models available. All models have the following features: visual ringer light; low-frequency ringer; hearing aid compatible; tone/pulse switch; desk/wall mountable; and increase volume to 25 dB. Model 1000 is the home version with mute,

Micro Voice - Voice Amplifier

The Micro Voice - Voice Amplifier is designed for people who have weak voices to let users be heard more easily by amplifying their voice. The device includes volume adjustments, quality sound, and long battery life. It is suitable for people with weak or whispering voice due to illness or injury. It is also perfect for people who speak in a wider context, as a tour guide, teacher or lecturer.

Naphon A-580U Mini Voice Amplifier

The Naphon A-580U Mini Voice Amplifier is a wired voice amplifier designed for people who have weak voices to let users be heard more easily by amplifying their voice. Features an integrated sound box within the amplifier mechanism, frequency response, and audio effects that help amplify sounds. Includes a headset microphone.

Star Tone Volume Controller (Model 04131)

The Star Tone Volume Controller is an amplifer for the telephone for individuals who are hard of hearing. It is aslo ideal for environments that are noisy or receive poor call reception. It has an easy turn adjustable volume and boosts receiver volume by 300%. It is compatible with all modular telephones except for dial in-the-handset, and is easily installed by plugging it into the modular. POWER: AC power.

Telephone Amplifier (Model 42910)

The Telephone Amplifier is a portable handset booster amplifier designed for use by individuals who are hard of hearing. The unit is fully modular with a plug for the phone and a jack to accept the handset cord. The unit has both volume and tone controls. POWER: Uses one 9-volt battery.

Vm Voice Magnifier (Model Hga-Vm)

The VM (Voice Magnifier), model HGA-VM, is a voice amplifier designed for use by individuals who can only whisper or who have a very soft voice. Used with a telephone, this unit can add from 0 to 25 decibels of gain to the user’s voice. It is to be used with a standard phone equipped with modular connectors between the receiver and phone base. It comes with a telephone receiver cord. POWER: Uses a 9-volt battery (included). WARRANTY: 1-year repair or replace warranty.

Voice Aerobics Portable Voice Amplifier

The Voice Aerobics Portable Voice Amplifier is a portable and lightweight personal amplification system that can be used by individuals with a weak voice from neurological disease and/or with voice impairment. The amplifier includes a headset microphone, a rechargeable lithium battery with 16 hours of continuous battery life, belt clip and a carrying strap, and auxiliary cord  for audio in function for use as a speaker with any other electronic device such as a computer. Optional clip-on microph

Voice Amplifier BS816 with Throat Microphone

The Voice Amplifier BS816 with Throat Microphone is a professional portable 16 Watts voice amplifier packaged with adjustable throat microphone. Throat microphone is a contact microphone that uses a method of induction that picks up voice signals through vibrations in the neck. The device is ideal for users with a weak voice or voice disorders or acquired communication difficulties resulting from: Parkinson’s disease, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, Multiple Sclerosis, Motor Neurone disease, dama

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