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Braille Graphics Program

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Graph-It & Graph-It Pc

Graph-It is a braille graphics program designed for use by individuals who are blind or have low vision. Available for use with Freedom Scientific braille notetakers (Braille 'N Speak, Type 'N Speak, Braille Lite, or Type Lite; see entries) or IBM and compatible computers, users can use this tactile scientific graphing calculator with an embosser to create braille graphs to enhance higher math comprehension. Standard features include the capability to plot graphs, save them to a file, and emboss

Iveo Hands-On Learning System

The Iveo Hands-on-Learning System is a package containing a tactile graphics display (IVEO Touchpad) and a braille graphics program (IVEO Viewer, IVEO Creator, or IVEO Creator Pro), designed for use by students who are blind or have low vision and their teachers. The system can be used to teach subject such as biology, health, chemistry, astronomy, math, or geography with a combination of touch, sound, and sight. Three versions are available: Iveo Lite, Iveo Creator, and Iveo Creator Plus. Iveo

Letter Art 9.4 With Braille Translator

Letter Art 9.4 with Braille Translator is a braille graphics program designed as signmaking software for producing Grade 2 Braille for individuals who are blind or have low vision. Letter Art 8.6 is a basic sign making program with three packages to offer. The Base package offers 35 registered trade name fonts and the ability to support printers, plotters, vinyl cutters, engravers, and routers. The Full package also offers fast direct scanning capabilities, automatic welding, unlimited special e

Picturebraille For Windows

PictureBraille for Windows is a braille graphics program designed to produce braille graphics for individuals who are blind or have low vision. The software can be used to produce braille graphics maps, floor plans, science diagrams, graphs of equations, or other images. Images are either drawn free-hand on the screen, using the simple drawing program supplied, or scanned from a document such as a textbook or magazine. Once the image is created, the program converts it to a standard braille file

Pronto 40 Talking 40-Cell Braille Organiizer

The Pronto 40-cell Braille Talking Organizer is a speech-to-text communication device and organizer intended for use by individuals who are blind or deaf. It comes with interchangeable Braille and standard (QWERTY) keyboards. It has natural computerized speech output in English pre-installed. It includes a 4 Gigabyte SanDisk Memory Card and a Lithium-ion battery an Alternating Current (AC) adaptor. This device has many functions and features like the ability to write texts, edit documents with a


QikTac is a braille graphics program designed for the creation of braille or tactile graphics for individuals who are blind or have low vision. A drawing is first made using a mouse or by tracing and editing a picture using a TagPad (see separate entry). The drawing can then either be embossed using a braille printer, or printed in ink on braille graphics paper (capsule paper), which can then be turned into tactile graphics using a tactile graphics embosser. A Duxbury Braille font is included in

Tiger Software Suite

The Tiger Software Suite (TSS) is a braille translation and tactile graphics program designed for use in the production of Braille and tactile graphics. Text or graphics are inserted within programs such as Microsoft Word or Excel and translated instantly by the software. Braille math translation is also available. Languages supported include English, German, Spanish, Polish, French, Dutch, Swedish, Japanese, Russian, Norwegian, and Italian The software is available on CD or for download. COMPAT

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