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Harness Restraint

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6610 Chest Support

The 6610 Chest Support is a torso support and harness restraint designed for firm trunk support. The support is made of foam with an inner moldable core that can be formed to follow body contours. The yokes have straps for attachment to high back standard wheelchairs, travel chairs, and strollers. Placement holes are pre-cut in yokes for adjustments in size. The support has quick release buckles, a lap belt with pivotal mounts, and a polypropylene strap with nylon quick release buckle that goes

Crelling Harness (Model 426)

Harness restraint. Bib front. Webbing shoulder straps and waistband go around back of stroller. Understrap goes from bib, between legs and attaches onto metal frame under seat. Use for child seated in Maclaren' s buggy major stroller.

E-Z-On Adjustable Vest (Model 103Z)

The E-Z-On Adjustable Vest, model 103Z, is a harness restraint designed for use with children and adults with physical, balance, emotional, or behavioral disabilities. This restraint prevents the wearer from leaving the vehicle seat or wheelchair and provides additional support to keep the wearer in an upright position. Designed to be used in a van, bus, family vehicle, or with a wheelchair, this parachute-style harness comes standard with back zipper closure to prevent the wearer from removing

E-Z-On Universal Harness (Model 86-Y)

The Universal Harness, model 86-Y, is a harness restraint designed for use with children and adults with physical and balance disabilities. This harness retrofits rear seat automobile lap belt, providing a strap over each shoulder.

H-Harness (Models 31441, 31442, & 31443)

The H-Harness is a harness restraint designed to aid in the proper positioning of individuals who use wheelchairs. The harness fastens over the shoulders and arround the waist and attaches to the wheelchair with the grommeted reinforced nylon webbing straps. The cushioned nylon shoulder straps with reinforced webbing attach together with quick-release buckles. SIZES: Model 31441 is small, model 31442 is medium, and model 31443 is large.

Posey Torso Support (Model 3656)

The Posey Torso Support, model 3656, is a belt restraint and torso support designed to prevent forward leaning and sliding by people who use wheelchairs and geri chairs. This support features a wide chest band and two over-the-shoulder straps which can be fastened in the front or back with hook and loop closures. It is made of soft quilted fabric. SIZES: Small, medium, large, extra large and extra extra large; the extra large and extra extra large sizes should be selected for use with geri chair

Postur Vest (Models 6528 & 6529 )

The Postur Vest is a torso support and harness restraint designed for use children, adults, and juniors with physical or balance disabilities. The H-style harness vest is made of soft padding and has adjustable hook- and-loop fasteners. The child size features a cartoon designs and the adult/junior has a plain front. This latex-free and machine- washable vest fastens over the back of wheelchairs or regular chairs. SIZES: Child (model 6528) and Adult/Junior (model 6529).

Skil-Care Wheelchair Posture Support (Series 61011)

The Skil-Care Wheelchair Posture Support, series 61011, is a harness restraint designed to promote proper posture for wheelchair users by limiting lateral and forward leaning. The harness attaches to the wheelchair and loops over the shoulderd and under the user's arms. Models are available with standard Velcro closure or with Velcro closures with red hand loops for ease in grasping and visibility. SIZES: Small-medium and medium-large.

Sternal Support System

The Sternal Support System consists of sternal support pads, available in two sizes for children and two sizes for adults. They are made of self-skinning urethane foam. The small and medium sizes are a broad flat pad, the intermediate and large sizes is extended into an X configuration. The harness strap attaches four corners of the pads to the four corners of the back of the wheelchair. The strap kit is $13 to $8.75; the pads are $30.50. DIMENSIONS (WxH): The Child size is 6 x 3.781 inches; Sma

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