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Modified Game Program

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Air Guitar Hero

---- CUSTOMIZED ADAPTATION --------- PURPOSE: To create a custom adapted version of “Guitar Hero” for individuals with upper limb disabilities or amputation to provide fun, entertaining and therapeutic exercise. “Air Guitar Hero” is an adaptation created by biomechanical engineer Robert Armiger and surgical roboticist Carol Reiley of Johns Hopkins University. The device translates the electrical impulses that occur between a muscle and the brain in the form of a guitar strum. Originally conceive

Creature Antics

Creature Antics is a cause and effect training program program designed to improve attention skills and teach cause and effect, turn-taking, and switch use for individuals with developmental, cognitive, visual or physical disabilities or autism. This program is designed to increase auditory and visual attention; train cause and effect and turn taking; develop intentionality; and offer recreational enjoyment. Users activate a single switch, touch screen, or the space bar to make "creatures" perfo

Happy Geese

Happy Geese is a modified game program designed for use by parents or teachers working with children with autism and cognitive or learning disabilities. This iPad application (or app) includes two classic board games - The Game of the Goose and Snakes & Ladders - and is designed to help children learn each game one step at a time. Happy Geese features 24 game chips with cute figures of people and animals and seven different dice with colors, shapes, letters and numbers. The app is intended t

No Hands 3D Video Game Device

---- PROTOTYPE --------- PURPOSE: To create a prototype of an eye-gaze 3D video gaming device which allows users with mobility disabilities to perform various commands easier and faster. Eye-gaze systems bounce infrared light from LEDs at the bottom of the computer monitor and track an individual’s eye movements using stereo infrared cameras. This new system can calculate where on the screen a user is looking, and has an accuracy of about five millimeters. While including traditional point and c

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