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Heat Protection Device

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Arthritis Handle

---- CUSTOMIZED ADAPTATION --------- PURPOSE: To create a custom adapted handle device which allows individuals with arthritis or grasping or upper extremity disabilities to safely support and move cookware around the kitchen. Australian university student, Ching-Hao Hsu, designed the Arthritis Handle. The Arthritis Handle slips over the forearm and allows the user to safely support the cookware on its journey around the kitchen. The Arthritis Handle is made from thermoplastic elastomers and h

Cool Touch Micro Bowl

The Cool Touch Micro Bowl is designed for those to solve the problem of bowls from the microwave that get too hot to handle.The outer, microwave-safe, plastic bowl stays cool to the touch while food heats up quickly and thoroughly (and stays hot) in the inner ceramic bowl.

Hot Hand Hand Protector

The Hot Hand Hand Protector is a heat protection device and jar opener designed for maintaining a secure grip on hot or cold slippery items such as glasses, pans, cups and to aid in opening jars with screw tops. The protector is made of flexible silicone, and this pad has end pockets to fit the thumb and fingers. The gripping surfaces are studded with numerous small suction cups. The device will retain its flexibility over a temperature range from -70 degrees to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Hole tabs

Microwave Dish Holder

The Microwave Dish Holder is a non-commercial product designed to assist individuals with limited manual dexterity and/or feeling to pick up and move a microwave dish, while protecting the individual from burns. The unit resembles a forearm orthosis with an aluminum claw attached to the end to grab onto the dish. The device is made of bent aluminum plate and Duraplast, with two velcro straps for attaching the holder to the wrist and fingers. PROTOTYPE DEVELOPMENT: This device was designed by the

Microwave Grips

These Microwave Grips, by Pampered Chef®, are designed for persons with disabilities that affect an individual’s ability to securely transfer hot or warm dishes from the microwave to the kitchen counter, kitchen table, or to a serving tray, etc. Made of heat resistant silicone. Raised ridges and bumps are designed to give the user a secure, comfortable hold. One order includes one set of two.


My4Hands is a lapboard for use by people with lower extremity or mobility disabilities, spinal cord injury and others who use a wheelchair. The My4Hands independence assistant is a polyethylene board that has a proprietary "hold fast" high friction material coating on each side so the lapboard will hold position on the user's lap and items placed on the lapboard will remain in place. My4Hands also insulates the user's legs from heat generated by objects (such as laptop computers or cooking pots

Silicone Handle Protector

This Silicone Handle Protector, by Pampered Chef®, is designed to help persons using the oven to safely transfer hot dishes from the oven to the table. These heat protectors fit Pampered Chef Executive and Stainless Cookware, plus a variety of other handles. Waffle pattern creates air-pocket insulation; interior ridges provide added grip. Heat-resistant to 536°F (280°C). Dishwasher-safe.

Stove Top Fire Fighter

The Stove Top Fire Fighter is a heat protection device designed for use with individuals with dementia, Alzheimer's disease, or cognitive disabilities. This chemical fire extinguisher in a can attaches magnetically to the exhaust fan hood over a stove. If a fire starts on the burner as a result of cooking food left unattended or a burner left on, the device activates, dumping bicarbonate of soda on the flames. Each individual unit protects two burners.

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