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Non Slip Outdoor Matting

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3M Safety Walk 710 Anti-Slip Tape

3M Safety Walk 710 Anti-Slip Tape is anti-skid floor covering for indoor or outdoor use. Designed for the decks of U.S. Coast Guard cutters, it is available for commercial or residential use. The tape has a larger grit surface to provide friction in the wettest conditions. The tape is pressure-sensitive. It is available in tape or custom, die-cut form. Replacement sets are available to allow installation if a section is damaged. DIMENSIONS (WxL): Tape rolls are 24 inches x 30 feet. Custom sizes

Alertmat Detectable Warning System

alertmat Detectable Warning System is a detectable warning surface and non slip outdoor matting designed to provide tactile warning of dangers to pedestrians who are blind or have low vision. This surface-applied detectable warning mat is made from 100 percent recycled styrene butadiene from tires mixed with nylon, rayon and polyester fibers. It has truncated domes and can be used for retrofitting or new installations. It is slip-resistant and has a thin surface profile and perimeter beveled edg

Anti-slip Strips

The Anti-slip Strips is designed for use by individuals with mobility or upper extremity disabilities. This strip of anti-slip silicon can be wrapped around objects, making them safer to hold. The anti-strip can be strip around a pan, cup handle, toothbrushes, pen and more for a better grip. Additionally, the strip ‘sticks’ to itself and is not adhesive so it can be removed whenever required.

Pem Stab Mat

The PEM STAB Mat is non slip outdoor matting intended to convert wet ground, mud, sand and other soft or other unstable ground into a firm, stable and slip-resistant surface. It is specifically designed for outdoor use. The bottom of the mat is studded so it grips any soft surface on which it is laid. The surface of the matting has a unique porous looping design that creates a durable textured surface that allows moisture to flow through the footing surface and eliminates standing water. The m

Rampend Landing

The RampEnd Landing is a non-slip outdoor surface designed to provide a safe transition area at the end of a ramp for people with lower extremity or mobility disabilities, spinal cord injury, and others who use a wheelchair. This durable matting is made from recycled tires, and it can resist the damaging effects of sun, rain, and heavy foot traffic. The unit is installed by cleaning the substrate, dry fitting the unit, then glueing it into place. WARRANTY: Warranted free of any defect of materia

Ultradeck 1 Portable Flooring

UltraDeck 1 Portable Flooring is a modular surface mat that can be used to provides a firm outdoor surface while providing protection for the natural turf underneath. It is designed for wheelchair users and others with lower extremity, mobility or walking disabilities. UltraDeck 1 flooring consists of interlocking tiles that snap together to form a heavy-duty pathway or floor cover for temporary use at special events and in locations such as polling places. The tiles are made of high-impact poly

Ultrapoly Braxx

Ultrapoly Braxx is a non-skid detectable warning surface designed for use by individuals who are blind or have low vision. Based on Non-Skid technology initially developed for the United States Navy, it can be used to protect against pedestrian slip hazards on areas such as ramps, stairs, boat decks, and platform edges. The surface comes in sheets with a wear and impact resistant baseplate of ultra high molecular polyethylene (UHMW-PE) covered with raised non-skid truncated domes comprised of sa

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