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Swimming Aid

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8728 Tri Swim

The 8728 Tri Swim is a swimming aid designed to provide flotation support for persons with some swimming skills. The device gives moderate lift to help maintain the body in a usual swim position. The Tri Swim consists of 2 vinyl covered foam sections. One is triangular and is positioned on the chest area; the other is a strap that goes around the neck. It has 1 quick release buckle for easy on and off. SIZES: Small for weight range from 30 to 50 pounds; Medium for weights 60 to 150 pounds; and L

8732 Water Ear Muffs

The 8732 Water Ear Muffs are adjustable swimming aids designed to keep ear molds, ear plugs or wax molds in place. The muffs are made of a soft foam inner lining that contours to the shape of the ear, holding the molds in place. The outer shell has straps with a buckle closure. The foam snaps out of the shell for drying. COLOR: Black shell with rainbow colored strapping.

Aqua Creek Underwater Walker

The Aqua Creek Underwater Walker is a waterproof walking aid designed for people with limited mobility to support them while they walk in the water. This durable, rust proof walker is helpful for people with disabilities for water exercise and rehabilitation.The Underwater Walker is constructed from rust-free PVC tubing, with stainless steel casters and solid rubber wheels. It features armrest cradles that provide additional support for walking in water, and can be attached and removed without t

Aqua Sprinter Floatation Belt (Model 700)

The Aqua Sprinter Floatation Belt is a float swimming aid designed for use by individuals with physical or neurological disabilities. This device is worn around the waist and can suspend an individual in a position that enables the spine to be suspended neutrally. The belt is designed to hold the swimmer securely at the waist in an upright position, with no tipping forward. This belt is made of closed-cell EVA foam and is latex free. It is equipped with an adjustable belt. OPTIONS: Instructional

Butterfly Neck Collar

The Butterfly Neck Collar is a swimming flotation aid designed for youth and adults with spinal cord injury or neurological or physical disabilities who are unable to hold their head up on their own. This horseshoe-shaped aid fits around the user’s neck and can keep his or her head above the water’s surface. It is intended for swimmers who want to maintain a vertical position in the water and perform water-based exercises. The collar is constructed of a closed cell foam, and a webbed strap with

Float Board Communicator

---- DO IT YOURSELF ENTRY --------- PURPOSE: To create a do-it-yourself device which allows individuals with communication disabilities to communicate by pointing to symbols while in the pool. The float board is made up of three parts. The upper part is an upside-down plastic bucket that is bonded to a section of float board. A float board can be obtained at any sports store. The second part, underneath the float board is a much smaller plastic jar, filled with concrete. This jar is then bonded

Frogglez Swim Goggles

Frogglez® Swim Goggles are designed for swimmers with disabilities to wear in the swimming pool. Features easy Velcro® connection to goggles. Froggles won't accidentally slip off or let water leak in while you swim. Instead, the headband holds the goggles firmly and comfortably in place until it's time to take them off. Plus, the soft, neoprene strap design puts an end to the pinching or hair pulling that comes with other goggle straps, and allows kids to put them on themselves.

Lj-A (Life Jacket-Adapted)

The Lj-A (Life Jacket-Adapted)is a personal floatation device designed for use by children and adults with physical disabilities. This latex-free swimming aid maintains the user in an upright position while keeping the head completely out of the water. CAPACITY: Models are available to accommodate users from 18 to 250 pounds. WARRANTY: Unconditional money-back guarantee

Mini Fins

The Mini-Fin is an aquatic therapy swimming aid designed for use by individuals with arthritis. The fins are made from a single short 3-inch wide section of high impact poly-propylene with three-dimensional W-shaped resistance blades. A foam comfort pad and a Velcro strap are used to securely attach the fins around the user's leg above the ankle. They can also be attached around the wrists for upper body exercises for individuals with arthritis in their hands. DIMENSIONS: The foam pad is half-in

My Pool Pal Flotation Belt

The My Pool Pal Flotation Belt is a swimming aid designed for use by individuals with mobility, upper extremity, neurological, or cognitive disabilities. Designed for individuals who need additional flotation in the water, this belt features eight strategically placed foam blocks wrapped in a poly/spandex exterior and elastic interior incorporating a heavy duty hook-and-loop closure. SIZES: Small (fits waists 25 to 30 inches), medium (30 to 35 inches), large (35 to 40 inches) and extra-large (40

My Pool Pal Special Needs Flotation Swim Suit

The My Pool Pal Special Needs Flotation Swimsuit is a swimsuit designed for use by children with physical and developmental disabilities. Available in boys and girls styles, these one-piece suits are made of a nylon/Lycra blend fabric and feature foam blocks securely sewn into the midsection to maintain the wearer's buoyancy. The foam blocks are balanced between the front and back to promote stability. These Special Needs Swimsuits are adapted with openings at the shoulder and sides with Velcro

Pfd-A (Personal Flotation Device-Adapted)

PFD-A (Personal Flotation Device-Adapted) is a personal floatation device designed for children and adults with severe physical disabilities. This swimming aid maintains the user's body stretched out in a dorsal position, stabilizes the body in case of involuntary reflexes and uncontrollable movements, and helps keep the user's face completely out of the water. SIZES: Extra-small (fits individuals weighing 18 to 35 pounds), small (fits individuals weighing 30 to 45 pounds), medium (fits individ

Scuba Diving System

---- PROTOTYPE --------- PURPOSE: To design a prototype of an underwater scuba diving system to make scuba diving a safe and tangible reality for individuals who have paraplegia. This system features swim fins worn on the wrist to enhance propulsion by the arms only, and a vest with chest-mounted controls that can be adjusted by the hands to change buoyancy and body trim to attain or maintain a horizontal, vertical, or angular position. There is a place on the back of the vest to mount a scuba t

Sofao - Ferriol Matrat

Sofao is an adaptive swimming flotation chair/sit-swimming solution manoeuvred by a volunteer guide that enables severely mobility-challenged children or adults (muscular dystrophy, sufferers, multiple sclerosis, quadriplegics) to swim and bathe in swimming pools and in the sea.

Stabilizer Bar (Models 8729 & 8729-3)

The Stabilizer Bar is a swimming and float swimming aid designed for use with lower, upper extremity, or mobility disabilities. This unit is designed to help maintain balance and equilibrium during water walking/gait exercises, to help with rest in the water when placed under the arms, or to help with kicking workouts. This device consists of a plastic bar with foam rings that can be attached at both ends in differing numbers according to the proficiency of the user. SIZES: Model 8729 is standa

Swim Fin Kit

The Swim Fin Kit is a swimming aid kit designed to make a device for use by individuals with upper extremity disabilities. The aid is designed to be used without a prosthesis but has the same folding wing design as the Freestyle Swimming Terminal Device (see separate entry). The kit includes all the required materials and instructions for fabrication. General shop tools are required for construction including a band or jig saw, belt sander, and rivet tools. Patterns supplied enable custom constr


Swimeezy is a combination swim suit and swimming aid designed for use by children ages two to six years with physical disabilities. The girl's model is styled similarly to a standard one-piece bathing suit with Airex foam built in to the suit at the shoulders. The boy's model is styled like a short pull-over vest with Airex foam at the shoulders. The soft, puncture-proof foam provides buoyancy in such a way as to avoid the risk of overturning or accidental somersaulting in the water. The suit pr

Swimming Hand Paddles

The Swimming Hand Paddles is designed for users who struggle to form a cup/paddle shape with their hands while they swim due to lack of finger strength or fine motor disabilities. The device has rubber tube attachments that are adjusted to the fit of the user’s hand. This product can also be used as a hand splint to gently straighten fingers of those who have clawed up hands. 

Technical Trainer, The (Model 699)

The Technical Trainer, model 699, is a float swimming aid and swimming pool exercise equipment designed for use by children and adults with lower extremity, mobility, neurological, or balance disabilities or arthritis. This triangular unit can be used in a variety of positions, including lying prone or supine, standing, sitting, and sitting with the legs extended. It can also be used as a kick board or to support the head above the water. SIZES: Adult and child/youth.

Theratogs Wunzi System

The TeraTogs Wunzi System is a sensory-motor weighted vest designed to guide and shape a baby's postural alignment or for use by newborns with excessive trunk instability or for use by babies/newborns with cerebal palsy, Hypotonia, or any disability that causes misalignment of the joints and an underdeveloped of the musculoskeletal system. It is meant to improve respiration and vocalization. It is best to use when the babies are young.

Triangle Ring (Model 102)

The Triangle Ring, model 102, is a float swimming aid designed for use by children with neurological, upper extremity, or lower extremity disabilities. This floatation device has an inner tube constructed from thick and durable .30 latex-free vinyl. The ring is triangular in shape with an opening for the child's head, and comes with a repair kit in a poly bag. DIMENSIONS: 24 inches wide with a 9 inch opening.

Two In One Flotation Sun Suit

The Two in One Flotation Sun Suit is a combination swim suit, sun suit, and swimming aid designed for use by children ages two to fourteen years with physical disabilities. Available in unisex or girl's styles, these Lycra suits block 98 percent of the sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays and have Airex foam at the shoulders. The soft, puncture-proof foam provides buoyancy in such a way as to avoid the risk of overturning or accidental somersaulting in the water. The suit provides just enough support to

Ulu Kids Floatsuit (Models 9891 & 9896)

The Ulu Kids Floatsuit is a one-piece streamlined swimsuit designed for use by children with physical disabilities who are learning or unable to swim. This suit covers the body, thighs, and upper arms, with foam distributed in a non-obtrusive manner on the thighs, chest, and back to enhance floating and swimming. The suit also provides warmth and protection from ultraviolet (UV) light. It is available as a UV50+ Lycra floating swimsuit (model 9891) or a 1 millimeter neoprene floating wetsuit (mo

Youth Konfidence Jacket

The Youth Konfidence Jacket is a float swimming aid designed for use by youth ages 8 to 14 years with physical or cognitive disabilities in aquatic therapy or while learning to swim. This neoprene buoyancy vest features eight removable floats. The flexible buoyancy allows users to alter their position in the water based on their requirements. This jacket promotes correct swimming position and helps children achieve a face forward position. This jacket is made from wetsuit-grade neoprene for comf

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