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Incontinence Collector Pouch

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Actiflo Catheter Kit With Drainable Odor-Barrier Collection Bags (Models 32004 & 32005)

The ActiFlo Catheter Kit with Drainable Odor-Barrier Collection Bags, models 32004 and 32005, is a fecal drainage system designed for use by individuals with incontinence who cannot use a toilet, commode, or bedpan. The system manages fecal incontinence to reduce skin breakdown that can lead to the formation of pressure ulcers, and to minimize the spread of infections related to fecal incontinence. This bowel management system uses gravity irrigation to remain open and unobstructed. The system p

Afex Leg Bag for Incontinence

The Afex Leg Bag is an incontinence product designed for individuals with incontinence issues. The double-sealed Afex Leg Bag holds up to 40 ounces and has a built-in drain handle for quick and easy drainage. The bag easily connects to and disconnects from the Afex™ Extension Tube, required for use with the Leg Bag.

Afex Overnight Incontinence Bed Bag

The Afex™  Bed Bag is the ideal solution for a good night sleep! It's recommended for men with moderate to heavy incontinence. This leak resistant bag holds up to 2-liters, eliminating sleep interruptions due to frequent trips to and from the bathroom, while at the same time, protecting the skin and bed linens from wetness.

Conveen Drip Collector (Models 5410 & 5420)

The Conveen Drip Collector is a urine collector pouch designed for use by men with minor urinary incontinence. This soft, compact, absorbent pocket attaches to the user's undergarment with an extra wide adhesive band. The pocket's gelling action absorbs moisture and odors, while its open weave keeps skin dry. The pocket is invisible and rustle-free under clothing. The pockets are available in normal with a 3-ounce capacity (model 5410)or extra with a 4-ounce capacity for a small or retracted pen

Drainable Fecal Incontinence Collector (Models 9821 & 9822)

Incontinence collector pouch. Collects and contains fecal discharge keeping discharge away from skin to eliminate skin irritation. Held in place with a skin barrier similar to those used in ostomy management. Leak proof barrier protects perianal skin. Odor barrier material; drain with cap for drainage of liquid discharge; may be cut and then clamped to empty solid discharge. Thermometer port/gas vent prevents collector from inflating. Available in Medium (9822) and Standard (9821). For men and w

Female Pouch Pants

These Female Pouch Pants are medium sized undergarments designed for women with incontinence to wear. The pouch pants are designed with a built in pouch on the inside. Internal pouch accommodates most pad sizes.  These pouch pants are as discrete as possible with a close and comfortable fit. 

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