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Rocking Chair

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Broda Auto-Locking Glider Chair (Models 100-10Al, 100-15Al, & 100-20Al)

The Broda Auto-Locking Glider Chair is a rocking chair designed for use by individuals with Alzheimers disease or dementia. The chair begins to glide once the user sits down, and stops gliding when the user begins to vacate the chair. It also features a caregiver-operated lock to prevent unwanted gliding. The smooth gliding action produces a calming effect and can help reduce the need to wander. It also provides mild exercise. The frame is made of 16-gauge powder coated tubular steel with a stab

Rock & Roll Mobile Rocking Chair

The Rock & Roll Mobile Rocking Chair is a rocking chair with a seating system and transport wheelchair designed to for use by adults with with balance, lower extremity, mobility or walking disabilities and others who cannot stand for long periods of time and must sit for significant periods. FRAME (LxW): 32.28 x 21.65 inches. The rocking mechanism of the Rock & Roll chair can be activated by the user or an attendant, and it is intended to alternate pressure points to reduce the risk of d

Rocking Chair With Concealed Rocking Mechanism

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To enable individuals with dementia to benefit from rocking while not risking injury if they disassemble the mechanism. The chair was constructed by attaching the upper part of a standard hospital Geri chair to a tubular steel base that moves the chair back and forth. The mechanism to move the chair was enclosed in order to prevent people from getting their feet caught in it. The seat of the chaqir is bolted to a square frame that has rods attached to the bottom. The

Safe Rocking Glider

The Safe Rocking Gloder is a rocking chair designed for use by individuals with Alzheimer's Disease or balance disabilities. This chair provides a glide rocking motion and is equipped with an automatic locking feature that engages as the user is entering or exiting the chair. The chair has a wood frame and padded wooden arms and a padded seat and back with Crypton upholstery. COLOR: Mahogany-finished wood with a choice of Buckingham blue/green, foral tapestry, conch beige, merlot burgundy, lak

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