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Adapted Wheelchair and Transfer Lift

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Ableware 704040000 X-Fer Rail Portable Transfer Rail

 X-Fer Rail Portable Transfer Rail is designed for people who use a transfer board but do not travel with them due to their bulkiness and weight. The portable transfer board offers all of the functionality of a traditional transfer board but folds to a compact 16.25 inches  (41.3 cm) when not in use. It folds and unfolds enabling safe transfers to and from a wheelchair, and fits in a backpack, wheelchair bag, carry-on or briefcase. Its portability promotes use outside of the home helping to redu

Ableware 704171000 Mobility Leg Loop Leg Lift

Ableware's Leg Loop Leg Lift is designed to assist people with limited lower extremity strength to lift the leg and foot onto a wheelchair footrest, bed, into a car, etc. The foot loop stays open until the strap is pulled and then conforms to the shape of the foot for a secure and comfortable grip. A rigid middle section allows for easy maneuverability.   

Bruno Turnout Turning Automotive Seating (Model Tas-2400/2400E)

The Bruno Turnout Turning Automotive Seating, model TAS-2400/2400E, is a swivel base designed for use by individuals with mobility disabilities who have difficulty getting in and out of a car or minivan. The unit is installed on a vehicle-specific custom base plate assembly and is available in a manual (TAS-2400) or powered (TAS-2400E) model. The seat rotates out over the doorsill, bridging the gap for a safe transfer onto the seat. Once the user is on the seat, it rotates back into the vehicle.

Carony Transportation System

Carony is a transport wheelchair base designed for use by individuals with severe physical disabilities or mobility disabilities who have difficulty entering and exiting minivans, pickup trucks, and full-size vans. The system operates in conjunction with a Bruno Turny or Turnout powered seat base. The user glides along a rail from the vehicle seat onto the wheeled base, remaining seated the whole time. A hand control glides the seat out of the vehicle then lowers the seat. The Turny or Turnout p


Remploy 8TRLJ Children's Wheelchair

The Remploy 8TRLJ is a pediatric propelled wheelchair designed for children with limited lower extremity mobility, strength and endurance as a result of traumatic brain injury or cerebral palsy. It is equipped with detachable arms and swing away height adjustable footrests.  The wheelchair comes with a black frame and is available in 3 sizes.

Wheels Uplift Wheelchair Lift

Wheels Uplift Wheelchair Lift is designed for use by individuals with lower extremity disabilities and back pain. The Lift mounts on the trunk and bumper of a vehicle.  The chair is lifted and lowered with a simple hand crank, eliminating the need for motors and electrical connections.

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