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Elevator Call Button System

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Laborsaver Button Station

The Laborsaver Button Station is an elevator call button system designed to lower existing elevator hall buttons to wheelchair level without rewiring. The fixture is surface-mounted to the existing station, eliminating any need for piping, rewiring, patching, or the installation of a new electrical wall box. The device features a backplate that bolts to the existing hall station box. The prewired electrical harness is butt spliced to the existing wiring and the faceplate is then attached to the

Lift Button Depressor

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To enable an individual in a wheelchair to reach elevator buttons. Made from lightweight telescoping aluminum tubing, this wand has a plastic grip and collapsesw when not in use. The device caqn be carried in a holster on the wheelchair or in a purse or storage pack. DIMENSIONS: The extended length is 850 millimeters and folded the device is 390 millimeters long. TITLE: Tried and Tested. JOURNAL: TAD Journal. REF: Vol. 12 no. 1, Autumn 2001: p. 18. PAGES (including c

Miconic 10 Elevator System

The Miconic 10 Elevator System is an elevator call button system designed to make building elevators responsive to the needs of persons with disabilities whilerouting traffic efficiently. The traffic management and scheduling system utilizes hall keypads similar to those found on touch-tone telephones on which elevator passengers enter their destination. The system then analyzes status information showing the position of cars and the number, location and destination of passengers and allocates t

Remote Elevator Control

CUSTOMIZED ADAPTATION --- PURPOSE: To create a remote control for a school elevator for a student with mobility disabilities. In order to keep the general school population from using the elevator, a security lock was installed. The student’s disability prevented him from using the key to that lock, preventing him from using the elevator. A customized adaptation was created using a battery-operated radio remote switch which was installed to bypass both the security switch and the call button. Pu

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