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Black Texture Coated Footplates.

Footplates for Quickie wheelchairs. 90 degree/90 degreee aluminum footplates with a painted black texture surface. Replaced textured tape to provide nonslip surface.

Custom Footplates

---- CUSTOMIZED ADAPTATION --------- PURPOSE: To create custom adapted footplates for an electric wheelchair used by an individual with reduced mobility and strength. When this individual sits in her chair with the footplates at a comfortable height for her, they rubbed on the wheels, particularly when she was turning. Additionally, this individual did not have enough strength in her feet to push the footplates up out of the way when she wanted to get out of the chair. Sometimes a care giver co


The Samba is an adjustable hi-low, tilt-in-space chair that offers a unique midline support system for children requiring moderate to higher levels of postural control, suitable for both home and school. The midline support system incorporates a 4 point pelvic strap that corrects the position of the pelvis. This improves alignment and helps prevent rotation and backward tilt. The modular system also eliminates the need for knee blocks. Height, width and angle adjustments can all be made easil

Wheelchair Footplate Adaptation

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To assist an individual with mobility disabilities in transferring from a wheelchair. The wheelchair had a one-piece footplate that folded up during transfers and down to provide foot support. However, the user was unable to change the position of the plate as needed. The existing footplate was removed and replaced with hinged dual footplates. The new footplates were made from sheet aluminum cut to shape, with large overlaps joined with epoxy resin and pop-rivited for

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