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Pressure Evaluation System

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Fsa 4D Pressure Mapping System For Wheelchair Seating

The FSA (Force Sensing Array) 4D Pressure Mapping System for Wheelchair Seating is a pressure evaluation system designed for use in positioning and cushion assessments for wheelchair users. This system allows the clinician to assess surface interface pressure between the client and a wheelchair sear or back cushion; select an optimal cushion; determine an optimal positioning strategy; document the solution; and share the pressure profile with the client and colleagues. The system includes a pres

Map System

The MAP System is a bedside pressure evaluation system designed for use by people with limited mobility who are at risk of developing a pressure ulcer and people with an existing pressure ulcer. The system features a pressure sensing mat containing a textile that generates a small electrical signal proportional to the pressure on it. The signal is read, interpreted by the system's software, and displayed on a handheld display unit using a color scheme to identify high and low pressure points. Th

Motorized Wheelchair Seat Shifting System

-- PROTOTYPE --------- PURPOSE: To create a prototype of a wheelchair seat that aids wheelchair users to change his or her seated position periodically. Changing position when seated for a long period of time is especially important for wheelchair users who spend almost every making moment seated. Failure to do so can result in deformities, bedsores, or considerable pain. The Swiss research group, Empa, is working with an ergonomics company to develop a new type of wheelchair seat that periodica

Sit Time Monitor: A Device For Measuring Wheelchair Sitting Time.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: The Sit Time Monitor is used to obtain objective, quantitative information on the number of hours a patient sits in a wheelchair. Describes device made of a pressure-sensitive ribbon switch pad placed under the wheelchair cushion, a digital electronic timer attached to the back of the chair, and a two part cable that joins them. Lists materials needed. Includes photographs. COMMENTS: Study supported in part by NIHR grant 23-578886. Authors affiliated w

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