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Modular Seating System

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Chair Mate Adaptive Seating System

Seating system with ABS plastic solid base. Covered in vinyl upholstered foam. Drop hooks allow 9 different positions. As its highest, seat is level with seat rail and has 2 inches of tri-density foam. At its lowest, seat is 3 inches below seat rail. Terry cloth cover available. Lowest back height from seat 16 inches, the highest back height 4 inches above the push handles of standard adult wheelchair. Flat lateral supports adjustable both vertically and horizontally. Lateral supports available

Cozy Seat

Modular seating system. Designed to support children one to three years who require special seating for support and positioning. Consists of a one piece seat and back shell made from ABS plastic with a cover and a metal frame. Can be reclined. Accessories: abduction pommel, head rest, flexible trunk bolsters, neck rest, tray, seat belt, chest belt and toy bar. Optional: back spacer to adjust seat length. Can be placed in strollers, wheelchairs, high chairs, toboggans.

Invacare Kinesthetic Seating System (Kss) And The Invacare Kinesthetic Seating System Deluxe

The Invacare Kinsthethetic Seating System is a modular seating system designed for use with wheelchairs. This fully-adjustable system provides a personalized fit and accommodates growth. The system includes the Invacare Curved Back, the Invacare Ulti-Mate (also sold separately; see separate entries), basic headrest, fixed lateral support, padded lap belt, fixed growth bracket, and mounting hardware. The Deluxe system includes the components of the basic system plus swing-away lateral supports an

Kinesthetic Seating System

Modular, adjustable seating system inserts on most wheelchairs. Package includes: a firm base that suspends from the frame and features anterior wedge, preischial bar, two inches of medium density foam, latex covering and seatbelt; a back that suspends from vertical wheelchair tubing with antigravity hooks; two molded plastic lateral supports, foam covered, that adjust vertically and horizontally; molded plastic padded neck support that adjusts vertically and horizontally. Options may be purchas

Modular Cushions

Prefabricated molded modular seat and back cushions. Seat cushions come with or without molded abductor. Back cushions are available in two heights per width. Available in widths of 12 inches, 14 inches, 16 inches and 18 inches. Available to fit into separately sold aluminum pans or mounted to wooden base. Optional: headrest, shoulder retractors, armrests, leg rests, lateral supports, chest straps, tilting base, mounting hardware.

Mps - Mobile Positioning System

The Mobile Positioning System - MPS (models 30-1100 and 30-1101) is a modular seating system on a wheeled base. The system consists of wedges, rolls, abductors, adductors, blocks, log, straps, and mobile base. Components are made of foam covered with a urine proof, stain and odor resistant, non-toxic material that is cleanable with a damp cloth. SIZES: MPS Child, 48 x 27 inches, and MPS Adolescent, 56 x 27 inches.

Ne-At Seat

The NE-AT Seat is a modular seating system of comfortable and supportive positioning pads designed for use in wheelchairs. Although each piece is available and can be used independently, the full NE-AT Seat comprises the NE-AT Seat, NE-AT Back, and NE-AT Headrest and is designed to fit into any mobility aid. The reusable and reshapable positioning pads are constructed of thick rubber bonded to nylon and filled with Styrofoam beads. This not only creates an airtight bladder, but adds cushionin

Obus Seat

The OBUS Seat is a seat panel designed to relieve fatigue from the buttocks to the sacrum and to the lumbar and thoracic areas. The panel will support up to 75 percent of the body's weight and prevent the ischial tuberosities to sink into soft cushions. The coccyx is protected by a contoured buttocks frame with a cut-out seat depression. The device also protects the thighs with additional molded padding to reduce fatigue, improve circulation, help prevent swollen ankles and feet, and maintain pr

Rifton Advancement Chair (Models R901, R902, & R903)

The Rifton Advancement Chair is a modular seating system that promotes functional sitting for individuals with physical or neurological disabilities. This chair provides total support for people with little motor control or muscular strength. As sitting skills and strength are gained, this modular chair can be configured for decreased support. Adjustable arm prompts accommodate variable positioning, and assist in supporting posture for users that are unable to hold themselves upright for periods

Scottie Seating Systems

Modular seating components ($246 to $3) for custom built seating systems for wheelchairs. Allows adjustments necessitated by growth or neuromuscular control changes. Insert ($511 to $297) is compatible with variety of wheelchair frames and can be easily removed without tools for transport. Quick release swingaway abduction pommel. Velcro restraint strap. Basic insert sizes: child, narrow adult, adult, large adult. Accessories: headrest bracket, lateral support, hip support, vest, body straps, s

Seating Support

---- CUSTOMIZED ADAPTATION --------- PURPOSE: To create a custom adapted seating support for a child with dystonic cerebral palsy. When sitting in a chair, the child pushes his pelvis forward and becomes uncomfortable, and the child concentrates more on sitting than on his books, crafts, and other activities. The family attempted to remedy the seating issue by adding a two-piece insert, the commercially available “tomato seat;" however, this device did not secure properly to the chair. The child

Square Modular Seating System

The Square Modular Seating System (model 30-1060) is a youth positioning chair for neurologically impaired children. The brightly colored chair is made of foam and covered with a urine proof, stain and odor resistant, non- toxic material that is cleanable with a damp cloth. An 8-piece shape set is available to assure a secure fit. The additional shape set (model 30-1061, $225) consists of 4 rectangles, two triangles, one ring, and one disc. DIMENSIONS: Seating module measures 20 x 20 x 11 inches

Winnipeg Modular Seating System

Modular seating system. ABS plastic seat and back modules can be attached together to form a simple wheelchair insert or fitted to special interface hardware. Two back styles: standard with contouring at waist, and MD back with preformed lumbar support cushion. Two seat styles: pommel seat and transfer seat without pommel. Sizes range from 10 to 15 inches seat width by 12 to 19 inches seat depth by 19 to 23 inches back height. Additional components include headrest, lateral trunk support, tray,

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