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Switch Controlled Multiple Function Program

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Aqua Dome

The Aqua Dome is a product designed for people with disabilities who benefit from sensory integration. A soft rainbow of slowly changing lights glimmer through gently flowing water, while music completes this multisensory experience of sight, sound, and touch. The Aqua Dome is capability-switch adapted and can be used with or without music.

Mission Control

Mission Control is a switch adapter and voice control module for computer input designed for use by children with neurological, upper extremity, or severe physical disabilities. This computer access device uses aFFx activators that enable a child to receive feedback on the amount of pressure applied. The device has four large, colored aFFx activators, a built-in microphone, and the ability to plug in attachments for the child's individual needs, such as switches or a USB camera. The device can

Parent Category: General Input Interfaces

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