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Beach Mat

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Mobi-Mat is a beach and surface mat designed to make beaches and other outdoor areas accessible to people who use wheelchairs. This lightweight, tri-dimensional polyester matting can be manually installed and removed with little ground preparation and fixed to the ground with stakes or other anchoring devices. The Mobi-Mat has a non-slip surface and is permeable, enabling grass to grow through it. It is delivered in rolls for ease in carrying and positioning. It is environmentally-friendly and c

Portamat2 Portable Access Mat (Model 1225)

The Portamat2 Portable Access Mat, model 1225, is a portable, reusable, temporary boardwalk and access mat system that can be used for flooring and walkways on many different outdoor surfaces including sand, mud, grass, shallow snow, and loose gravel. It can be used to provide an access route for wheelchair users and others with lower extremity or mobility disabilities. Its modular pieces can be placed in rolls or used individually. The surface protects fragile environments from damage due to p

Ultradeck 1 Portable Flooring

UltraDeck 1 Portable Flooring is a modular surface mat that can be used to provides a firm outdoor surface while providing protection for the natural turf underneath. It is designed for wheelchair users and others with lower extremity, mobility or walking disabilities. UltraDeck 1 flooring consists of interlocking tiles that snap together to form a heavy-duty pathway or floor cover for temporary use at special events and in locations such as polling places. The tiles are made of high-impact poly

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