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Bicycle Support Handle

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ReadyRider is a bicycle support handle designed for use by adult caregivers of children with balance disabilities. The handles attach to the rear wheels of the child's bicycle and extend up to the caregiver's arm level, allowing a parent or other caregiver to hold the bicycle upright while the child rides without training wheels. The caregiver has full control over the child and the bicycle while maintaining a vertical posture amd a wider field of vision.

Rear Steer Bike Modification

---- CUSTOMIZED ADAPTATION --------- PURPOSE: To create a custom adapted rear steering modification for a bicycle for a child with autism and global developmental delay. The child and her mother often go for walks around the local neighborhood and the mother thought it would be nice for the child to ride a bike on these outings. The child has limited balance and gross motor skills, but the mother still would need to give the child extra support as she grows. The child was assessed and then given

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