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Stair Cane

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The EZ-Step is a stair cane designed for use by ambulatory individuals with arthritis or other walking disability. This unit is comprised of a large base block with an adjustable cane-style handle attached. When the unit is placed on a step or stair or at the base of a curb, the height of the step is reduced by half. This stair or step climbing aid is portable and can be moved from step to step. The base is made of injection-molded ABS plastic and has a non-skid rubber tread surface. WARRANTY/

Step Aid

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To provide an individual with post-polio syndrome with a means of negotiating shallow outdoor steps at the gate to enter the home. This step aid consists of an angled polystyrene block attached to a tubular handle that finishes in a crutch ferrule. The block creates an intermediate step between the ground and the top of the step being negotiated. The angled design accommodates unevenness in the footpath. A lock was added to the device to enable the user to secure the


The Walkabout is an adjustable cane designed for use by adults and children with lower extremity, mobility, walking, or balance disabilities. This walker-cane hybrid offers several configurations that allow it to be used as a one-handed or two-handed cane placed in front of the user, a stair climbing cane, or a hemi walker on either side of the user. The user also can use the Walkabout to rest against or to assist in standing up or sitting down. The frame is made of airplane grade aluminum and h

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