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Elevating Desk Chair

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Desk Chair

DO-IT-YOURSELF-ENTRY --- PURPOSE: To create an adjustable, mobile desk chair that assists with standing. A barber’s chair was fixed to a homemade wooden platform equipped with casters and a hydraulic unit attached. The chair can be raised and lowered while in use by pulling on a rope attached to the foot lever or pushing on the lever with an inverted cane. The user can also use it to assist with standing by maneuvering the chair into place, stabilizing the user’s knees, and rising. MATERIALS: Ba

eMove5-LCR (S & D Ranges)

The eMove5-LCR (S & D Ranges) is a suite of powered chairs designed for people with severe muscle weakness or partial paralysis. The chairs come with a range of features, including:

Ergonomic Swivel Chair Lock

---- PROTOTYPE --------- PURPOSE: To create a prototype a swivel ergonomic chair with a controlled locking mechanism to control the swivel feature of the chair for an individual with musculoskeletal issues. A young man found that he would inadvertently swivel his chair seat relative to his torso and the twisted posture exacerbated his existing musculoskeletal problems. The man wanted the ability to lock out the swivel as well as have the option to swivel the seat when getting in and out of the c

Eurotech Adjustable Intensive Task Chair

The Eurotech Adjustable Intensive Task Chair is an office chair with height adjustment designed for use by individuals who require position changes throughout the day. This seat is designed to provide ergonomic comfort, tension control, and lumbar support for individuals who sit at a desk all day. The seat is covered in 100 percent olefin fabric and has a thick foam cushion. Other features include pneumatic height control; a swivel, tilt seat; an adjustable-height ratchet back; independent back

Pc Task Chairs

PC Task Chairs are adjustable height, tilt in space office chairs designed to correct for any user's size, support requirements, and working conditions. This ergonomically adjustable chair has 8 separate adjustments. The chair raises and lowers pneumatically. The seat has a forward 6 degree negative tilt and a 12 degree back tilt, and locks at any angle forward through back. The back rest tilts forward and back from 77 through 119 degrees and also locks at any angle. The back adjusts up and down

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