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Tennis Serving Aid

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Fun Frame 3000

The Fun Frame 3000 is a golf accessory, tennis serving aid, and darts game designed for use by individuasls with spinal cord injury, or neurological or severe physical disabilities. The basic frame attaches to most manual and powered wheelchairs using Velcro straps and is fully adjustable for desired height and width. The frame is constructed of durable non-corrosive, easy-to-clean, thermoplastic material and can be transferred from one chair to another. The heavy-duty fittings used to connect

Tennis Aid

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To enable an individual with use of only one arm to throw a tennis ball up to strike it with the racquet. A strip of Velcro was cut to the appropriate length to strap around the user’s disabled arm. A piece of electrical conduit was cut to form a cup and attached to the Velcro with a Lexan plate. The user places the tennis ball in the cup and raises his foreshortened left arm to throw the ball up. He then uses the right hand to serve. TITLE: One-handed Tennis. JOURNAL

Parent Category: Racquet and Paddle

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