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Back-Saver Sweeper (Model Br18-Bs)

The Back-Saver Sweeper, model BR18-BS, is a push broom with an angled handle designed to reduce the strain on the back associated with sweeping. The broom features a bent tubular handle made of fused, powder-coated steel. The solvent-resistant polymyra bristles can be used to sweep indoors or outdoors, and on wet or dry surfaces. DIMENSIONS: Broom head is 18 inches wide; bristles are 4 inches long; the handle is 56 inches. WEIGHT: 3.5 pounds.

Eye Vac Professional Stationary Vacuum

The Eye Vac Professional, is an automatic, touchless, stationary vacuum that is ideal for individuals with a back injury as well as generalize upper extremity weakness due to a stroke or a nerve injury. The EYE-VAC Professional contains a powerful 1200 watt motor that will vacuum all forms of hair, dirt, dust and debris. Eye-Vac's sensors use the latest infrared technology to automatically activate the vacuum when hair, dirt, dust or debris breaks the infrared beam. The Eye-Vac touchless vacuum

Good Grips Broom

The Good Grips Broom is broom with an extra long handle and soft handle cushions designed for people with back pain or grasping disabilities. It has angled bristles to provide maximum floor-to-bristle contact and make it easy to sweep and gather dust and dirt efficiently. It has a hanging hole at the top of the broom handle for easy storage. DIMENSIONS: The bristles are 10 inches wide. WEIGHT: 1 pound, 6 ounces.

Little Helper Complete Cleaning Set

The Little Helper Complete Cleaning Set is a set of child-sized cleaning tools designed for children with disabilities ages 3 and up to improve their gross motor skills. Built to last with solid wood handles and soft bristle brushes. Little Helper Complete Cleaning Set also encourages role-playing fun.

No Stoop Pick Up (Model G427)

The No Stoop Pick Up, model G427, is a one-hand dustpan with a 26-inch handle designed to assist individuals who have difficulty bending over to sweep and wheelchair users. The bin folds to trap dirt. The handle is made of enamel metal. The small broom has a 30-inch handle. COLOR: Black.

OXO Good Grips Upright Sweep Set

The OXO Good Grips® Upright Sweep Set is a long-handled broom and dustpan set designed for individuals with reduced arm or shoulder movement or limited reaching capabilities. Both the dustpan and broom poles are made of lightweight aluminum and can stand upright for easier maneuverability. The broom pole is angled and features a soft, oval-shaped handle and feathered-tip bristles. The dustpan has a rubber lip that conforms firmly to the floor’s surface, and teeth that comb out dirt and dust from


The RoboHandle® is a handle extender for use by adults with carpal tunnel syndrome or other repetitive motion injuries, disabilities of the wrist or hand, or limited range of motion. The RoboHandle® attaches to a broom or rake type handle to help absorb the torque which reduces the potential for operator injury to arm, wrist, or hand.

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