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Sip and/or Puff Switch - Use Pneumatic Switch

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HeadMouse Nano

The HeadMouse Nano is a head controlled mouse that replaces the standard computer mouse for people who cannot use or have limited use of their hands. The HeadMouse translates natural movements of a user's head into directly proportional mouse pointer movement – when the user moves their head, the mouse pointer moves as well. The HeadMouse has a wireless optical sensor which tracks a tiny disposable target worn by the user on his/her forehead, glasses, or even a hat. It works just like a computer

Puffin the Sip-and-Puff Joystick Controller

Puffin the Sip-and-Puff Joystick Controller is a low-cost sip-and-puff joystick for persons with severe physical disabilities, neurological disabilities, or spinal cord injury that allows the user to control a smartphone, laptop or tablet. It is known to help people living with various disabilities, including paraplegia and cerebral palsy, diabetes, neuropathic facial pain and hearing and vision impairments. The overall design as well as the components include something to hold the mouse, a phys


The QuadStick is a mouth-operated game controller designed specifically for individuals with quadriplegia. It uses a joystick, four sip-and-puff sensors, a lip position sensor, and a push switch to represent the inputs of a standard video game controller. A 32 bit ARM processor, which powers the device, converts the sensor inputs into commands and transmits them to PCs, game consoles, or Android devices via a USB or Bluetooth. The QuadStick is compatible with PlayStation3, Android, and many PC g

Sip-and-Puff Switch

The Sip-and-Puff Switch is activated with either a "sip" or a "puff" of the lips with the included small mouth piece. This product can be used by users who have limited or no upper extremity movement. The product features a 1/8-in/3.5-mm stereo plug and includes a Gooseneck mount and mounting clamp.

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