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Weighted Sleeve

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Achievement Weighted Sleeve

The Achievement Weighted Sleeve is designed for use in sensory integration activities by children with physical or neurological disabilities. Constructed of stretch cotton Lycra with adjustable Velcro closures, this soft weighted sleeve provides gentle pressure on children’s muscles and joints and can be worn on the arms or legs. It provides deep pressure input and is also useful for strengthening exercises.

Sensory Sleeves

These Sensory Sleeves are a piece of weighted pressure clothing designed for kids ages 4 to 11 with autism, sensory processing disorder, or attention defecit disorder who need extra sensory input during handwriting, but who aren't able to tolerate a weighted glove or weighted pencil, made to provide proprioceptive deep pressure to forearms and hands. Wear with short sleeved shirts or under long sleeves for additional forearm pressure.  Gentle wash. Air dry.


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