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Traction Head Halter

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Econo-Cerv (Models 431 & 433)

Cervical traction system with head halter. Attaches to door knob or hinged side of a door. Traction is provided by user who pulls on the rope handle until desired amount of traction is reached. Model 433 includes a calibrated scale to assist patient in applying the precise amount of traction prescribed. Both models come with head halter which has extra padding to firmly grip occipital ridge.

Head Halter

Head halter for vertical traction. Diskard model is lightweight surgical gauze with cellulose webbing that loops onto spreader bar. Intended for disposable use. One universal size. The controlled stretch model is made of reticulated foam laminated to cotton knit material with heavy D ring at either end for attachment to spreader bar. Halter is split to cradle head from chin in front from back of head. Washable. Available with or without spreader bar in sizes small 9 by 6 inches, medium 10 by 7 i

Traction Head Halter

Traction head halter, foam padded duck material with deep cupped chinpiece and heavy D rings for attachment to spreader bar. Vertical traction model has adjustable length webbing straps on either side with cushion pieces at forehead level, that attach to D rings. The Repro Head Halter model has a large head piece that encircles back of head from temple to temple and attaches to chinpiece with adjustable webbing strap with buckles. Webbing straps on either side of head piece attach to D rings. De

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