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Vacuum Seating System

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Hug Plus.

The HugPlus is a vacuum seating system that conforms to body contours eithre in a seated or lying position. Thre models: torso, full-body, and 3/4. Unit wraps around the body to provide lateral support. The full-body system has a head support with head wings and a velcro closure across the forehead. Reinforces slat back. X-ray translucent. Waterproof. Exterior surface: top is 12 ounce vinyl laminated to 70 denier nylon, bottom is 12 pounce polyester vinyl laminate. Fill is polystyrene beads. Vac

Olympic Vac Pacs

Olympic Vac Pacs are body positioners designed for use by individuals with physical disabilities.These products are patient positioning systems comprised of large rubberized vinyl bags filled with tiny plastic beads. The bags are soft and pliable until the air is drawn out through a special valve. Atmospheric pressure forces the beads into a solid mass conforming to the exact molded shape. Vac Pacs hold their shape for 24 to 48 hours and allowing air back in to the bag returns Vac Pacs to a soft

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