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Car Safety Harness

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Houdini Stop Car Seat Chest Strap

The Houdini Stop Car Seat Chest Strap is designed to prevent children from taking their arms out of their car seat harness. It clips in place between the chest straps of the car seat harness ensuring that the child cannot wriggle their arms out of the harness. The Houdini Stop Car Seat Chest Strap is suitable for harness straps of up to 3.8 centimeters in width.

Shoulder Support

The Shoulder Support is a car safety harness designed to provide shoulder support to wheelchair users. The device is made of a steel rod with a standard headrest mounted on top. The device is bolted to the floor of the vehicle. PROTOTYPE DEVELOPMENT: The device was designed by John Duffus for an individual who drives a vehicle from a wheelchair and tends to lean towards the right when making left hand turns. The device provides support for the upper body when maneuvering a vehicle. DIMENSIONS: S

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