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Climbing Rope Ladder

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Freedom Climber

The Freedom Concepts Freedom Climber provides therapeutic recreation for children 5 years of age and under. The Freedom Climber is designed to help children develop gross motor skills. The activity net can be used in a therapy center, school, or at home. It can be set up in various ways to work on balance, strength, coordination and motor planning.

Monkey Gym

The Monkey Gym is a climbing frame designed for use by children with physical disabilities.This steel-framed unit features a climbing rope, a standard ladder, a trapeze, and a rope ladder. A manual is included. INSTALLATION: This indoor exercise and play zone installs securely between the floor and ceiling with the included hardware and hand tools. The unit can be removed as needed without damage to the floor or ceiling. OPTIONS: Basketball backboard, incline board, mats, and a boxing set. DIME

Soft Net Climber (Model 1260)

The Soft Net Climber, model 1260, is a climbing rope ladder designed for working on motor planning skills for individuals with a physical disability. Extra padding in the webbing makes it softer on feet and easier to grab. It is sturdy, durable and washable and can be hung in any configuration such as vertical wall climber, a two sided tent or a fishing net. It can be used by clients of all ages and sizes. The net comes with two mat straps for securing it to most floor mats, and two "quick clips

Southpaw Ladder Wall (Model 1250)

The Ladder Wall is a climbing rope ladder designed to provide range of climbing tasks and motor planning activities for individuals with little motor control. The staggered rung design allows users to climb straight up and down, sideways or diagonally. The height can be adjusted to suit the individual. The ladder requires a two point Suspension System and comes with two mat straps, two Safety Snaps, and two "quick clips". CAPACITY: Maximum 250 pounds. DIMENSIONS: 7.5 feet high x 4 feet wide. The

Southpaw Single Rung Climbing Ladder (Model 1255)

The Single Rung Climbing Ladder, model 1255, is a rope ladder designed for practicing climbing, motor planning, strengthening and gravitational security activities for individuals with a physical disability. The ladder is made of poly side ropes which support the hardwood rungs. It comes with two Safety Snaps, two mat straps and two "quick clips". DIMENSIONS: Seven feet high by 18 inches wide. Special heights are available upon request. Diameter of rungs is 1-1/4 inches. CAPACITY: Working load i

Southpaw Tower Ladder (Model 1200)

The Tower Ladder, model 1200, is a climbing rope ladder designed to provide versatile motor planning skills for small children with physical disabilities. It offers opportunities for creative play by allowing the user to climb up or down from both the inside and outside. It is made of soft poly ropes which support the solid hardwood rungs. The ladder comes equipped with one Safety Snap, two mat straps and four "quick clips". DIMENSIONS: 7-1/2 feet high x 17 inches wide. Rungs are 1-1/4 inches in

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