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Battery Meter

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Curtis Wheelchair Battery Fuel Gauge (Model 900W)

Battery gauge monitors charge for any lead acid deep cycle 12 or 24 volt wheelchair battery. LED bar displays battery charge level. Attaches to arm of chair in view of user with a hook loop fastening system. Alarm flashes once when battery is low and needs recharging, double flashing light indicates battery is near dead. When on empty, wheelchair can still travel short distance. Unit resets to full when charge is 80 percent complete and charge takes another 2 or 3 hours to complete. Display ligh

Pocket Technician (Model 662)

The Pocket Technician, model 662, is a control switch accessory designed to aid in determining the cause of malfunctions in switch-adapted devices. The unit tests batteries, switches, and devices. Placing an N, triple-A, double-A, C, D, or 9-volt battery in the unit will cause the meter to show the battery condition. To test a switch, the switch is plugged into the female jack; when the switch is activated and working, the unit will buzz. To test a device, the device is connected to the unit; if

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