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Electric Stapler

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Electric Stapler

Automatic staplers available with finger or foot switch operation. Available 110 to 125 volt AC or 220 to 240 volt AC. Variety of models: mini, standard, heavy duty, saddle or double. Some models staple automatically when work is inserted, others are switch operated.

Staplex Automatic Electric Staplers

Staplex produces more than 75 different models of automatic electric staplers. All models are completely portable. Most models are available with finger tip or foot switch activation. Staplers are available in 110 to 125 volts or 220 to 230 volts.

Swingline Electric Stapler

The Swingline Electric Stapler is designed for use by individuals with limited grasping ability and limited hand and arm strength. This automatic stapler staples items placed in the front opening without manual pressure and the unit can be adapted for use with a single switch. A How-To book is included. POWER: Uses standard electric current or batteries.

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