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Reclining Armrest

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Child's Arm Chair

The Child’s Arm Chair is a positioning chair designed for use by children with neurological or physical disabilities. Made of Blonde Mountain Ash, this chair is designed for comfort and support for home or school settings. The chair reclines from a 90 to 70 degree angle with supporting arm rests. OPTIONS: Work tray. DIMENSIONS (DxW): The seat is 10.5 x 13.5 inches. The seat height is 11 inches from the floor. The armrests are 20.5 inches from floor to top. The small back is 12 inches wide and 1

Reclining Arms (Models 07-A & 07-B)

Arms attach to backpost of reclining wheelchair to maintain a position relative to the position of the body when reclined. Allows chair controls to move with the arms during the recline. LaBac Systems arm troughs and pads can be mounted on the arms. Arms are strong enough to hold a lap board. Model 07-B ($395) features a quick release mechanism which allows instant removal of armrests.

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