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Clock Face Board

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Clear Clock Communicator (Model 1210)

The Clear Clock Communicator, model 1210, is a scanning communicator designed with clock face board and rotating dial for individuals who have difficulty communicating. This non-verbal communication device is operated by triggering the clock hand to sweep around and point to the desired picture, word, or object affixed to the clock face. This model has single or double switch capability. One switch moves the hand clockwise; the second switch moves it counter-clockwise. The transparent face of th

Clock Communicator (Models 1200, 1200-8, 1220, 1220-8, 1230, 1230-8)

The Clock Communicator is a scanning communication training aid designed with a dial face for individuals who have communication disabilities. Activation of a single switch causes a pointer to revolve. The user releases the switch when the desired position is reached. Any words, pictures, or symbols may be placed on the face of the Clock Communicator to be selected by the user. The speed of the pointer's movement is adjustable. Models 1220 and 1220-8 are musical versions of the Clock Communicato

Comboard (Model 26150)

The Comboard is a scanning communication training device with a clock face designed for use by individuals who are just beginning to use communication aids with single switches. Symbols are placed on the board face and the user activates a single switch to move the pointer clockwise, two single switches to move the pointer clockwise or counterclockwise, or a dual switch to move the pointer either clockwise or counterclockwise (switches are sold separately) to the desired location. The speed of t

Communication Aid

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To provide a young woman with cerebral palsy and devwlopmental delays with a means of communicating. A small clock-style communicator that could be attached to the user's wheelchair was created. The device has a ferrous metal face, which accepts magnetic pictures, and an aluminum back. The scanning communicator is equipped with LED indicators which are controlled by a micro-controller which is programmed to move the LED light around the face and a timer set a slow spe

Round Clock Communicators (Models 1232, 1232-8, 1233, & 1233-8)

The Round Clock Communicators are scanning communicators designed for use by individuals with communication disabilities. These communicators feature a single clock-style hand that rotates around a clock-style face when a capability switch is activated (not included) and stops at a word or picture (not included) to communicate a thought or need when the switch is released. The communicators can be customized by adding as many or as few words or pictures as desired. The devices include a rigis go


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