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Simplified Operation Padlock

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Pushkey (Model 2650)

The PushKey, model 2650, is a simplified operation padlock designed for use by individuals with fine motor disabilities or limited finger dexterity or finger strength. This lock requires no turning of the key. To operate the lock, the user inserts the key, lets go, and pulls down on the ergonomically-designed lock body to open. The flared lock body provides an easy grip and requires less than five pounds of of pull down force. The key has a large key head designed to simplify gripping and insert

Simple Combos (Model 1525 Ezrc)

Simple Combos is a simplified operation padlock designed for use by individuals with cognitive or fine motor disabilities. This portable school combination lock uses specially selected combinations that use only the printed numbers on the dial and no tick mark numbers. This portable lock has the appearance of standard locks, fits standard lockers, and has a supervisory key override (key sold separately).

Universal Lock

---- PROTOTYPE --------- PURPOSE: To create a prototype of universal lock that allows children with disabilities to operate a school locker. In middle and high school, almost every student secures their locker with a dial combination lock. Individuals with cerebral palsy or spinal cord injury may be unable to use these types of locks due to a lack of motor or cognitive skills necessary to open a standard lock. A universal lock prototype was created and tested on children with special needs. The

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