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Wheelchair Lever Braking System

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Powered Elevated Chair

CUSTOM ADAPTATION -- PURPOSE: To provide a customized lifting chair for an individual with mobility disabilities that can be easily moved throughout a residential setting, including going through doorways. The chair has a U-shaped base made of rectangular hollow steel with a vertical post at the back, and large casters on the front ends of the U and smaller ones at the back. There are also larger bike-type wheels on either side which can be used to propel the chair if necessary. Additionally, th


The Wijit is a wheelchair lever drive and braking system designed for use by individuals with mobility disabilities. The system includes a lever that attaches to each drive wheel of most manual wheelchairs, enabling the user to propel the chair using a pumping motion. The levers can be switched to reverse mode to enable the user to reverse directions. To engage the braking system to reduce speed or stop, the levers are simply pushed forward toward the body.

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