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Hand Control Grip

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Drive Master D5 Quad Handle For Hand Control

Quad hand control grip attaches to Drive Master Hand Control (see separate entry) to provide adaptation of regular hand control for quadriplegic who has little wrist or hand strength. L shaped wrist support attaches to conventional hand control. Used with dimmer switch ( D2, see separate entry) and Horn button (D3, see separate entry). Use only with Drive Master hand controls.

Hand Splint Designed To Eliminate The Need To Grip.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: To eliminate need for gripping during operation of skid loader by persons with hand impairments. The hand portion of the splint was heated and molded around a short section of 1 inch black PVC pipe which rests in the palm of the hand. The splint is held to the wrist by velcro straps. To operate a lever, the user places the pipe over it and then pushes or pulls without gripping. SKILLS REQUIRED:Moldmaking. Plastics. AUTHOR: Field, W.E. TITLE:Agricultura

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