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Car Top Mounted Wheelchair Carrier

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Chair Topper

The Chair Topper is a car top mounted wheelchair carrier designed for use by individuals with lower extremity and mobility disabilities, spinal cord injury and others who use a manual wheelchairs. Designed as an overhead wheelchair carrier for compact cars or sedans, this carrier is made of steel, aluminum and fiberglass. It folds, lifts and stores a folding manual wheelchair using power from a vehicle's 12 volt battery. Two switches control the 30-second cycle for stowing and extracting the whe

Omnigo Wheelchair Lift

The Omnigo Wheelchair Lift is a car top mounted wheelchair carrier for manual wheelchairs. The device is designed for less than a minute operation. A hand-controlled switch lowers the lift arm; the folded wheelchair wheels onto the loading arm; a second flip of the switch makes the chair automatically ascend to the top of the car and a cover lowers over the chair. The carrier mounts to the car top like a standard roof rack and causes minimum wind resistance. The device is made of aluminum and st


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