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Powered Reclining System Controller

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Labac Mounting Kit (Model 3515)

Used for mounting a head operated actuator to the back of a Labac recliner. The mounting kit consists of a mounting bar with a stop clamp, a C-mounting rod, and a rod clamp to join the mounting rod to the mounting bar. Permits the actuator to be removed from the recliner, and returned to its original position without the need to readjust the mounting.

Power Recliner Interface (Model 3350)

Used in conjuction with a Multimode Interface to permit operation of a power recliner by the same actuator used to operator the wheelchair. Multiple Power Recliner Interfaces may be used to independently operate multiple recliner functions. A toggle switch is provided to select either latching (continous) or momentary recliner operation, and separate up and down speed adjustments are provided to adjust the rate of recliner movement.

Variable Speed Control (Model 10-1A) & 2 Speed Control (Model 10-12)

Electrical control, designed for LaBac Systems recline systems allows speed of recline unit to vary from full speed to 50% speed. Maintains full torque at low speeds to accommodate heavier users. Speed control module has complete attendant switches plus a receptacle to plug in user control switch. 2 speed control has speed set at either 100% or 50%.


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