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Developmental Play Cube And Developmental Panel

The Developmental Play Cube and Developmental Panel are therapeutic aids designed for use by children with fine motor disabilities. The developmental play cube is a four sided vinyl covered solid foam 12 inch cube. The developmental panel is a single square vinyl covered solid foam 17 inch cushion. All include zippers, lacing, buttons, bow ties, hook n loop, and chrome enclosure. The panel can be used to develop hand eye skills.

Dexterity Centers

Various triangular, cube, rectangular and desk shaped foam shapes. Vinyl covered. Features lacing, zipping, buckling, snapping activities on their surface.

Manual Dexterity Frames

Fine motor training kit for practicing fine motor dressing skills. Manual dexterity frames. Stackable. Hardwood. Hardware requiring varying degrees of coordination for working small joints and fingers. Snap frame. Button frame. Push the dot frame. Velcro frame. Lacing frame. Zipper frame. Turn the dot frame. Buckle/snap frame. Bow tying frame. May be purchased individually or as set.

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