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Electric Elbow

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Ny Electric Elbow

The NY Electric Elbow is an externally powered prosthetic elbow for adults or children. This prosthesis is inter-changeable with the Hosmer E 400 and E 200 elbows. The elbow flexion/extension range is 5 to 135 degrees; lift time for 5 to 135 degrees is 4.5 seconds for 24 inch pounds, and 1.2 seconds for 0 inch pounds; the stall is 30 inch pounds; break away is 15 to 20 foot pounds. This elbow is compatible with the NY Prehension Actuator and Michigan Electric Hook. POWER: Power pack requires fou

Utah Artificial Arm, The

The Utah Artificial Arm for above elbow amputations. Small, high- performance preamplifiers are used to monitor muscle activity and provide control inputs to the Arm. The prosthesis can actively lift two pounds and, when locked, support loads of up to fifty pounds. Two battery chargers and five back-up battery modules are supplied with each system. All essential internal components are modular for easy access and replacement. The prosthesis can be fitted with either an electric MyoBock hand or G

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