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Hydrocollator Heating Units (Models Ss-2, M-2, M-4, Ss, E-1, & E-2)9

The Hydrocollator Heating Units are designed to heat hot packs for use in therapeutic settings. All models are made of high-quality stainless steel and thermostatically controlled. Models SS-2, M-4, and M-2 are mobile units equipped with rubber swivel caster wheels. Model SS-2 includes eight standard size HotPacs (see also separate entry). Model M-2 is an intermediate size model with an extra large tank and 12 standard HotPacs (see entry). Model M-4 features an extra large tank, an oversized dra

Hydrocollator Steam Packs

The Hydrocollator Steam Packs are hot packs which, when immersed in hot water, become a hot, moist compress. The packs retains heat for 30 minutes. A variety of sizes and styles is available, with some models contoured specifically for use with the neck and knees/shoulders. DIMENSIONS: Standard Size (no. 1006) is 10 x 12 inches; Half Size (no. 1014) is 5 x 12 inches; the Neck Contour Pack (no.1002) is 24 inches long; Oversize (no. 1004) is 15 x 24 inches. Rectangular packs come in 10 x 18 (no. 1


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