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Knee Orthosis Liner

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Knee Orthotics Undergarment

Knee orthotics undergarment. To be worn under knee orthoses of metal, plastic or other materials where slipping and skin irritation becomes a problem. 1/16 inch gas blown Neoprene rubber material. Laminated with nylon inside and out. Covers are 8 1/2 inches above and below knee. Small to extra large.

Universal Brace With Metal Uprights

The Universal Knee Brace with Metal Uprights is a knee orthosis designed for individuals who require increased varus-valgus support for knee instability. The brace permits functional mobility while insuring stability and support following ligament injuries and post-operative ligament repairs. The brace is useful in the treatment of medial, lateral, and minor rotational instabilities. The metal hinged uprights have a hyper-extension stop of 0 degrees. Heavyweight 1/4-inch neoprene provides extra

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