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Folding Tracks

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Fold-A-Way Ramp (Model D-Far-120)

The Fold-A-Way Ramp, model D-FAR-120, is a pair of folding tracks designed for use by individuals with in wheelchairs. Tracks have a slip-resistant surface for traction. Each ramp track comes with two handles for positioning and can be folded for storage. DIMENSIONS (HxLxW): Each track is 4.25 x 120 x 7 7/8 inches. CAPACITY: 550 pounds. WEIGHT: 77 pounds per pair.

Handi-Ramp Trak System

The Handi-Ramp Trak System is a pair of portable folding tracks designed for wheelchairs and scooters. Tracks are made from extruded aluminum with a non-skid surface. The pair can adjust to any door width, accommodating even the narrow entries into recreational vehicles or minivans. Tracks come in non-folding, regular folding, and heavy-duty folding versions, and include built-in handles. OPTION: Stabilizer Bar to keep the ramps from moving or sliding while in use. DIMENSIONS: All tracks are 6.7

Portable Perfolite Folding Ramp (Model V11, V15, C20, 110 U & 200 U)

The Portable Perfolite Folding Ramp, models V11, V15, V20, 110 U and 200 U, is a two-piece folding track designed for use to provide access for wheelchair users, including individuals with lower extremity or mobility disabilities or spinal cord injury. This ramp is made from perforated aluminum which does not allow the collection of rain, snow or dirt. Ramps are sold in pairs. Models V15, V20, 110 U and 200 U have variable lengths. Models V11, V15, and V20 have carrying handles. Models V11 and 1

Portable Perfolite Folding Telescopic Ramp (Models E2/3 & V30)

The Portable Perfolite Folding Telescopic Ramp, models E2/3 and V30, is a portable folding telescoping two-piece ramp designed to enable wheelchair users to get over curbs or steps. The ramp is made from perforated aluminum which does not allow the collection of rain, snow or dirt. It comes as a pair of folding, telescoping tracks and includes a carrying handle. Model E2/3 is recommended for 2 steps, and model V30 is recommended for 3 steps. DIMENSIONS (LxW): 30.25 to 82.5 x 9.75 inches (E2/3);

Telescopic Channel Ramp

Telescopic Channel Ramps, models TCR06, TCR08, and TCR10, are portable telescoping tracks designed to provide access for wheelchair users. Each lightweight channel extends to nearly double its length. Channels are made from anodized aluminum with a non-skid ramp surface. Each ramp includes two channels. DIMENSIONS: Track length is 6, 8, or 10 feet when open, and 42, 54, or 70 inches when closed. Track width is 7.5 inches. WEIGHT: 30 pounds (TCR06), 39 pounds (TCR08), or 51 pounds (TCR10). CAPACI

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