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Remote Smoking Device

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Ashtray With Remote Smoker Tube (Model 16C036)

The Ashtray with Remote Smoker Tube, model 16C036, is a remotesmoking device designed for use by individuals with severe or upper extremity disabilities or spinal cord injury. The consists of a clear tube attached on one end to the inside of the ashtray where the cigarette is placed; the other end of the tube acts as a mouthpiece for the user to smoke. The device is designed so that the cigarette remains contained in the ashtray if the user falls asleep while smoking. DIMENSIONS: The tube is 36

Clip-On Ashtray With Remote Tube (Model 562187)

The Clip-On Ashtray with Remote Tube, model 562187, is a clip on ashtray and remote smoking device designed for use by smokers who use wheelchairs and have upper extremity disabilities. The cigarette is placed in one end of the tube, which holds it over the ashtray, and the smoker uses the mouthpiece of the tube to smoke. The ashtray has two clips which snap onto wheelchair. Security rubber rings snap over the ends of clips to lock the unit in place. DIMENSIONS: Tube is 36 inches long.

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