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Caddy for Scooter

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Diestco Armrest Front Bag

The Diestco Armrest Front Bag is a caddy for a scooter or powered wheelchair designed for use by individuals with mobility disabilities or spinal cord injury. This large basketball-shaped and sized bag mounts to the end of armrests with the included straps and is detachable when not in use. Made of water-resistant nylon, this bag has a lightweight aluminum frame to retain the shape and a zippered top cover. DIMENSIONS: 7 inches high x 12 inches in diameter.

Heavy Duty Lap Pack

The Heavy Duty Lap Pack is a caddy for wheelchair or scooter designed for use by individuals who use wheelchairs. This pack is worn over the lap of an individual using a wheelchair or scooter to carry and organize the gear necessary for a variety of activities. It has more than 20 pockets of different sizes, enabling the user to carry tools and supplies for woodworking, gardening, sightseeing, photography, camping, hiking, and other activities. The Lap Pack is made from 10-ounce cotton duck with

Large Glove Box

The Large Glove Box is an under seat caddy for a wheelchair or scooter designed for use by individuals with mobility disabilities. Made of water-resistant nylon, this caddy attaches under the seats of most scooters and motorized wheelchairs with the included hook-and-loop straps. DIMENSIONS: 12 x 5 x 9 inches.


The RoboCup is a cup, can or drink holder designed for use by people who use a walker, wheelchair or mobility scooter and other individuals with a disability that affects their ability to hold or grasp objects. This portable dual caddy can securely hold two drinks, two fishing poles, tools, gear and personal belongings such as a telephone, keys, glasses and flashlight. The unit attaches to wheelchairs, walkers, scooters, grab bars, hospital beds or golf carts using the integrated clamp. The Robo

Standard Scooter Tiller Bag

The Standard Scooter Tiller Bag is a storage bag for individuals who use scooters. The bag mounts to the scooter tiller handles both in front or behind the scooter tiller.The hook-and-loop straps prevent the bag from swinging on the scooter tiller.

Wheelchair / Walker / Scooter Bag

The Wheelchair / Walker / Scooter Bag is a caddy, or carrying bag, for wheelchairs, walkers, and scooters designed for individuals with mobility, balance, and walking disabilities or spinal cord injury. This bag attaches using adjustable straps and clip fasteners. Made of 100 percent cotton duck with Velcro closure, this bag features an outside pocket with a zippered compartment to store a cell phone and interior slots to store credit cards and identification. For wheelchair use, the bag can be


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