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Eye Controlled Input System for Communicator

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Dynavox Eyemax

The DynaVox EyeMax is an eye controlled input system for communicator that can be used to access DynaVox Vmax communication device (see separate listing). The EyeMax can be used by people of all ages and cognitive abilities with direct vision in one or both eyes, even if they wear contact lenses or glasses. Rapid, stable calibration eliminates the need for frequent caregiver intervention. Calibration is maintained as long as a user’s needs remain unchanged. This system attaches to the Vmax sec


The ECOpoint is an eye controlled input system for a communicator designed for use with the Prentke Romich ECO or Essence PRO communicators. The user sits so that their eyes are approximately 24 inches from the unit, and it tracks their eye movement, using the movement eyes to place the cursor and activate specific functions on the communicator.

Enable Eyes Ii Access Module

The Enable Eyes II Access Module is an eye controlled input system for communicators designed for use by individuals with speech or communication disabilities and severe physical or neurological disabilities. This unit can be added to the ComLink ST3G or ComLink LT3G (see separate entries) at any time it is needed by the user. This unit adds an eye tracking input capability to a ComLink communicator for a user with a progressive disability. If a user can currently use finger touch as the access


The EyeR is a product that allows the user to add infrared functionality to tablet or laptops intended to be used by individuals with mobility disabilities to be able to use their eyes to control doors, lights, beds, air conditioners, TVs, DVD players and stereos. EyeR has a range of 4 meters or 13 feet and comes with Virtual Remote software. It has a 180-degree signal emission. EyeR comes with pre-programmed remotes for common brands of electronics. The user can also program new remotes.

NuEye™ Tracking System Accent 1400, Accent 1200, and Accent 1000

The NuEye™ Tracking System Accent 1400, Accent 1200, and Accent 1000 is an accessory compatible with the Accent 1400, Accent 1200, and Accent 1000 that allows someone with an upper extremity disability to access full communication and computing power with their eyes. It is ideal for children and adults who need hands-free and switch-free device access.

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