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Infant Feeder for Cleft Palate

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Respironics Pigeon Specialty Feeding Products

The Respironics Pigeon Specialty Feeding Products is designed for babies with special feeding needs. The Cleft Palate Nipple is designed to feed cleft palate infants and infants with poor sucking strength. The Y-cut nipple has a thick and thin sidewall with a one-way valve that prevents excessive air intake and allows milk to flow only when sucked by the baby. Food Feeder Bottle is squeezable with an attached spoon to assist with weaning or to use with babies who have difficulty feeding.

Softcup Feeder (Model 610.0018S)

The SoftCup Feeder, model 610.0018S, is an infant feeder for children with cleft palate and other feeding disabilities. Designed for use when cup feeding is recommended, this system includes an 80 mililiter plastic bottle with a silicone scoop-style feeding reservoir designed to control fluid to prevent flooding or overwhelming the baby.

Special Need Feeder (Models 6000S & 6200S) & Mini-Haberman Feeder (Model 610.0093)

The Haberman Feeder is an infant feeder for children who have a cleft palate or other feeding disabilities. These systems feature specially designed nipples and valves that adjust milk flow to meet the baby's needs. The one-way valve prevents flooding or overwhelming the child with too much milk. Complete systems include a nipple, a valve, and a bottle. Model 6000S includes an 80 mililiter (ml) bottle and model 6200S includes a 150 ml bottle. The Mini-Haberman Feeder, model 610.0093, features a

Suplemental Nursing System (Model 00901S) & Starter Sns (Model 00902S)

The Supplemental Nursing System (SNS), model 00901S, is an infant feeder for children with cleft palate or other feeding disabilities. Designed to provide supplemental feeding while the baby nyrses at the breast, the system features a bottle to hold supplemental milk or other fluid which is hung around the mother's neck. Two thin, soft tubes extend from the bottle and reach to the breast nipples. The tubes are taped to the breast and when the baby takes the breast, he oe she receives the tube as

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