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Attendant Controller

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Attendant Wheelchair Control (Model 3320)

Used to expand the capability of a Multimode Interface by providing remote, attendant operation of the wheelchair. Uses a proportional joystick for precise control of wheelchair speed and direction. a toggle switch (with indicator light) is provided to ruen the attendant wheelchair control on and off. When the control is turned on, the Multimode Interface is automatically reset to standby status to prevent the wheelchair user from attempting to operate the wheelchair during attendant oepration.


The JoyBar is a powered wheelchair controller designed to enable powered wheelchairs to be controlled using T-bar scooter-style operation. The ReBar utilizes a Center Drive System that consists of mounting hardware and a socket that can be mounted in three positions: in front of the seat on the center line; on the side beneath either armrest; or in the back of the wheelchair. When mounted on the side, the mast with the controller can be placed there to facilitate transfers or better access to de

Switch It Remote Commander

The Switch It Remote Commander is an attendant controller designed for use by caregivers of wheelchair users. This remote device allows someone not sitting in the wheelchair to control the drive functions of the chair.

Switch It Remote Stop Switch

The Switch It Remote Stop Switch is a powered wheelchair controller designed for use by wheelchair users and their caregivers. The remote stop switch enables the user to stop the chair by pressing a button. This radio frequency based unit is designed to work within a single room for a distance of up to 30 feet. OPTIONS: Key chain remotes are available.


Viamobil is an attendant operated wheelchair brake and power assist designed for use by caregivers of individuals with mobility or severe hhysical disabilities or spinal cord injury. This pushing and braking aid is used exclusively by the person escorting the occupant of the wheelchair. It assists the caregiver to push and brake the wheelchair, and can overcome slopes of up to 18 percent. The unit is attached to the bracket on the wheelchair. The caregiver presses the drive lever to commence dri


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