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Recreation & Leisure

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  • Parks/Recreation Areas (3)

    Parks/Recreation Areas


    Programs that develop, maintain and make available to the public recreational facilities and grounds which can be used for a variety of leisure-time activities. Included are amusement parks, beaches, camps, public gardens, harbor/marina areas, zoos and a broad range of recreational facilities that are available in community; state and national parks; schools and universities; and other recreational areas.
  • Public Libraries (14)

    Public Libraries


    Libraries supported by public and/or private funds which provide general library services without charge to all residents of a given community, district or region.
  • Recreational Facilities (5)

    Recreational Facilities


    Programs that develop, maintain and make available to the public, acreage and facilities for a broad range of recreational activities, sports and games; and/or urban open spaces where people can gather to eat lunch, socialize and enjoy being outdoors.

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