Solano Senior Fraud Prevention

Welcome to the Solano Senior Fraud Prevention Center, a one-stop shop for all the information Solano County seniors—and their families—need to prevent financial elder abuse, empower seniors to fight back, and stop scammers in their tracks.

Almost half of all seniors have been the victim of a financial scam. These crimes can take many forms, from simple attempts such as spam emails, to highly sophisticated “sweetheart” operations that take advantage of people’s good humor and generosity.

Don’t fret though, Solano seniors are not alone! Solano County Older and Disabled Adult Services and many community partners are on call to help seniors and their families navigate the system and prevent these crimes.


Navigate this government-sponsored website to discover how to:

  1. Identify the 9 most common scams and forms of caregiver fraud
  2. Learn helpful strategies to prevent monetary losses
  3. Contact the appropriate authorities for each case

Phone & Mail Scams

Some of the most common scams involve the telephone or traditional “snail mail.” Fake IRS demands, misleading investments, fraudulent government program notifications and unexpected prize winnings can easily lead fast-moving seniors towards a quick, but costly response.

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Family/Caregiver Fraud

While we all want to trust those around us, it’s important to be vigilant. Some caregivers have been caught syphoning retirement accounts or falsely filing for power of attorney. Salespeople have misled people into costly financial commitments. And, “sweetheart” scams have ensnared many into manipulative virtual relationships.

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Internet, Email & Text Scams

Most people are now online—we all need to be prepared for the latest forms of fraud. Misbranded emails pretending to be a bank or government agency, misleading popup ads, and direct messages from fake social media accounts can lure users to give money or enter sensitive personal information.

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Get Help, Bring Justice

Multiple government agencies at the local, county, state and federal levels are on call to take your reports and seek justice, while dedicated teams of county social workers and nonprofit staff are available to help manage the financial and legal fallout of a scam. Many national organizations have extensive resources available to assist you.

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About the Solano Senior Fraud Prevention Center

The Solano Senior Fraud Prevention Center is an initiative of the Older and Disabled Adult Services Bureau (ODAS) of Solano County Health and Social Services, in partnership with local partners.

It is the mission of ODAS to provide access to services and resources that sustain health and well- being, support independent lifestyles, and promote physical safety and emotional security for older and disabled adults and children in Solano County. ODAS is Solano County’s primary adult advocacy agency, responsible for Adult Protective Services

(APS), In-Home Support Services (IHSS), IHSS Fraud Investigations, Probate Conservatorship Referrals, LPS Conservatorship Investigations and the Public Administrator, Guardian and Conservator.

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